Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pitch Dark - Can You Feel The Music

If you’re down with BIG vocal HOUSE then this is the tune you’ve been waiting for all year…..and just in time for Summer! Employing the vocal talents of Shirley Davis and incorporating a MASSIVE piano-line to blow the roof off, this is one very large tune for the feel-good floors.

Getting in on the good vibes with some remixing, Melbourne duo DRIVE get electrified with a head-bouncing take which focuses on the groove and sets it up for the banging dance floors. MATT NUGENT gets on it with a cool rolling cut which would fit perfectly in any tech-house excursion, using the pianos to drive it home and keep the original feel intact. LORNE PADMAN also threw his 2 cents in with a ReEdit of the CLUB mix, keeping in all the good bits and building up an awesome hands-in-the-air moment for the main-rooms.

Download: iTunes / Beatport

Pitch Dark - Can You Feel The Music (Lorne Padman ReEdit) by viciousrecordings

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